Bunda, T., & Phillips, L.G. (2023). Storying: the vitality of social movements. In L.G. Phillips, & T. Bunda. (Eds.) (2023). Storying social movement/s (pp. 1-17). Palgrave Macmillan.

Story and storying have long held compelling symbolic place in social movements. We begin by sharing who we (Tracey and Louise) are in story and social movements. We then set the scene for the book, with our conceptualisation of storying movement by drawing from a/his- torical and theoretical threads of stories, storytelling, activism, body, community and collective agency and how they knot together offering differing configurations and wisdoms for being human. How story and movement hold a long, entangled history together is discussed, elabo- rating on the five principles we spoke for in storying research. We locate storying social move- ments in new social movement theory as networked and collective identities creating social change through story, told with words and bodies. The power of dance in storying social move- ment is highlighted through illustrations as the movement of social movements, provoking the embodiment of change and transformation. Further, we acknowledge the profound breadth of learning that takes place in activism and elevated/illuminated through critical race theory, de- colonisation and feminist theorising in storying as a key vehicle for meaning making and com- munication. We close with an overview of the composition of this edited collection of black and white storied social movements in Australia.

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