Phillips, L.G. (2022). 3029. Children’s participation in local curriculum-making in Robert Tierney, R., Rizvi, F., & Ercikan, K. (eds) International encyclopaedia of education (4th edn). Elsevier.

Curricula across the world is often designed for children by adults. Anyone regardless of age is more likely to participate in an activity if they have a say in what happens. If curriculum-making is activity of learning, how might children contribute ideas, perspectives, collectively decide and co-construct curriculum. Ontologies, theories and ideas which enable children’s participation in local curriculummaking are discussed, including Indigenous ontologies, UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, Reggio Emilia approach, emergent curriculum, mosaic approach, national early childhood curricula, deliberative democracy, home and community learning, place-based education and posthumanism.

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