Phillips, L.G., (in press). Holobionts, happiness and policing in a suspended world. In D. Harris, A. Markham, & M.E. Luka (Eds.) Massive/Micro Autoethnography: Creative learning in COVID times. Palgrave/Springer.

The world is suspended. In this pause and stuckness, I wonder about the holobionts I belong to, the policing that is happening around and to me, and what constitutes happiness, drawing from the works of Haraway, Ranciere and Ahmed. From the position of a white Australian stuck in Singapore, my inquiry is punctuated and framed by the release dates of Singapore Government COVID-19 control measure rulings, merging responses to Prompt #1 ‘how time is influencing my lived experiences’ particularly in relation to place, and Prompt #21, ‘what is going on here’.

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