Finn, R., & Phillips, L.G. (2021). On the certainty of entanglements with ecocide: Pragmatic action for responsive pedagogy inspired by ecological psychology and permaculture. Educational Review, DOI: 10.1080/00131911.2021.2001438 [Q1]

Inspired by youth concerns for environmental justice and pathways forward that sustain diverse biology, we draw upon ecological psychology to theorise learning. This novel proposition, against the tide of cognitive constructivism, proffers a non-dualist para-digm more aligned with the purpose and intent of those seeking ecological justice and responds to calls for theory to support place- based education. Additionally, theory from ecological psychology lends support for understanding how ecocide is sustained and why work that inspired the environmental movement over half a century ago, such as Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring has seemingly remained ignored and derided in the broader public realm. We provide some clues as to how that ignorance is perpetuated via understandings of perceptual learning theory. Finally, we map a pathway forward to respond with permaculture activism and offer a unique and solutions-based narrative that inspires hope in the face of catastrophe.

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