Phillips, L., & Zavros, A. (2012). Researchers as participants: Participants as researchers. In W. Midgley, P. Danaher & M. Baguley (Eds.), The Role of Participants in Education Research: Ethics, Epistemologies, and Methods (pp. 52-63). New York: Routledge.

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In this chapter, Louise and Agli argue for more democratic processes in research methodologies. Through collaborative practices and dialogical conversation, researchers can position themselves, as well as their participants, more effectively in the work that they do. Using three folktales as metaphors, Louise and Agli explain how this can be achieved through the development of methodological perspectives that value spaces where knowledge is created by being with others (interrelationality and interconnectivity), and collective tailoring, where researchers and participants work together to
democratically decide what data should be cut and what data should be kept.