Phillips, L.G., & Nguyen, T.P.T. (2022). The what, how and why of storytelling pedagogy. In L.G. Phillips, & T.P.T. Nguyen (Eds.) Storytelling pedagogy in Australia & Asia. Palgrave Macmillan.

People have taught through storytelling since the conception of language. This chapter sets the scene of storytelling as pedagogy through a historical overview of stories and storytelling in particular drawing from histories of Asia and Australia. Notions of pedagogical storytelling are explored by drawing attention to philosophical and educational factors of storytelling that affect our understandings about the what, how and why of storytelling in education. Louise and Thao discuss key principles that resonate across storytelling pedagogue practices: relationality, responsiveness, empathetic imagination, and knowledge creation. They explain how storytelling provides lessons on what it means to be human through living the story collectively, so human relations and understandings are nurtured. And further extrapolate, that to support the nurturing of human relations and understandings, storytellers respond to their listeners by shaping and crafting the story to custom fit the listeners’ interests, ideas and circumstances, so that they empathise with the characters and create knowledge.

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