Phillips, L.G., & Finn, R. (2020). What emerges in playing in The Corner of artist-curated and created matter. In A. Hackett, R. Holmes & C.MacRae (Eds.). Working with young children in museums; weaving theory and practice (pp. 53-61). Abingdon, OX: Routledge.

We offer poetic, pictorial and storied accounts of artsworkers, children, family members and matter in an arts-designed play/making space called The Corner for 0-8 year olds in the State Library of Queensland, Australia. The two authors bring differing theoretical readings (agential realism and ecological psychology) of what happens in the intra-actions/ transactions between artsworkers, children, family members and the materiality and spatiality of The Corner to come to know it’s ontologies, epistemologies and ethicalities.

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