Walk with me @ Anywhere Festival 7th & 8th May

Posted by on Feb 28, 2016

Come and experience how walking cultivates awareness and interactions with others and public spaces (aka civic engagement) through performed research insights I have gleaned from years of researching walking arts projects. With a team of experienced improvisers (schooled in Al Wunder’s theatre of the ordinary and known as Wunderfools), I will facilitate walking encounters to switch on your embodied sensorial awareness with others and the environment to cultivate connection to others and place. There will be surprise encounters of indeterminacy to partake in, ponder and question. The usually unnoticed, will be noticed. Who and what is privileged and restrained? We will explore what sites along our stroll of Orleigh Park invite you to do? Asking how might you détourne the space? And you will be inspired by experts in détournment… Join us to ignite your sense of ethico-politico-urban-wonder.

Meet at West End City Cat terminal at 3pm on Saturday 7th or Sunday 8th May.

Walk will take approximately one hour and will end near the South Brisbane Sailing Club

This walking event is part of Brisbane’s Anywhere Festival 2016